What are the processes needed for new product development in milk tea shops?

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A perfect milk tea franchise brand is a large collection of milk tea variety development, milk tea training, milk tea shop decoration, which is an important part of the development of milk tea new products. New products include the idea of new products, ideas, visits, research to the process of putting on the market, friends like milk tea will find. What are the processes needed for new product development in milk tea shops?


What are the processes needed for new product development in milk tea shops?
First, brewing and Conceiving
The development process of new milk tea starts from the brewing of seeking originality. Creativity is the idea of developing new milk tea. Although not all the brewing ideas or ideas can be turned into new milk tea, looking for as many ideas and ideas as possible can provide more opportunities for the development of new milk tea. Therefore, all the new milk tea is produced through brewing and creative ideas began. New ideas mainly come from the continuous accumulation of customer demand and modulation technology.
Two, selection and design
Selection and design is to screen and optimize the ideas and ideas formed in the first stage, and to clarify the design ideas. In the selection and design of innovative milk tea, the first consideration is to choose what kind of breakthrough. Such as: raw material requirements, what type of modulation to prepare? What modulation method to use? What tea varieties to use? What kind of fruit juice configuration? How to shape the characteristics of the apparatus, straw, what are the requirements and so on.
The selection of varieties and production techniques should be in line with modern aesthetic concepts and eating requirements.
In order to facilitate data archiving, creators should provide enterprises with detailed innovative milk tea filing information.
Three, trial production and improvement
Once the new milk tea concept is screened, the next work is to make the milk tea trial production. Including milk tea name
The improvement of a series of processes, such as nutrition hygiene, appearance color, plate packing, market trial sale, etc.. According to the customer's response, timely adjust the new product, in order to achieve more perfect effect.
Tea shop in new R & D need what process? Each new tea is the need to invest a lot of manpower and resources, the general self tea shops are difficult to do, tea brands have more advantages focus on good things.

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