How to locate the product of milk tea franchise?

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Milk tea franchise stores how to locate products? Milk tea franchise products is not the only decisive factor, but its position is beyond doubt. Milk chain store products do not necessarily have a lot of characteristics, but at least not less, can not be missing. How to locate the product of milk tea franchise?

How to locate the product of milk tea franchise?

1. main products: one of the most important products in store, the number of not too much, 3-5 is enough to satisfy most of the taste of target customers, single point and high rate of profit is relatively considerable (generally recommended Hot Tea, HK Style, fruit juice, coffee), at least can account for the tea shop above average turnover of 60%;
2.: cultivate product store secondary flagship products, the number is generally 1.5-2 times the flagship product, belong to the current market is relatively small but has continued to rise, must not bad reputation (recommended health tea, green tea and milk cap), their role is that once a day can not immediately hit product add up, the incubation period of the turnover ratio is not less than 20%;
3. complementary products: non flagship product, mainly used to supplement product line, do not be too bad, but don't be too pursuit, its position is opportunistic sales, which is selling a cup to earn a cup does not sell nor the kind (such as a variety of coarse grains, fruit milk, cocoa what)
4. seasons: summer or winter cold hot products unique product, selling only, when the weather is hot or cold is not the mainstream, can the pursuit of characteristics in a certain extent, as the new season to locate every year are no different, but must, in the corresponding season sales accounted for at least in more than 35%.

All above is the relevant introduction, I hope for your help!
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